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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

man what a great thread. non-drumming but makes you play better. Anon La Ply -- love this "Great quote! Seems that Vinnie's "beyond the scope" = Hal Galper's "not fast enough". "

i am connecting the dots this AM. check this life-hacker article i saw & how it relates to intuitive playing.

"Over the course of my life, Iíve come to believe that the best decision maker is your gut/natural instinct. How many times have you disregarded your gut instinct on a decision, only to regret it later? Iíve done this more times than I care to admit. For many years now, Iíve been obsessed with finding a way to make gut decisions at will. "


this actually makes a lot of sense to me esp w/ my research into Galper's performance psychology & techniques. if your intuition is 20,000 times faster than logic AND intuition is built from a lifetime of training & experience THEN it would make sense that "going w/ your gut" vs. logic is always best. wow, AH_HA moment for me.

RE the thread below on high geniuses / intellectuals...Galper mentions this & says they have a very tough time improving / making good musical decisions as they are thinking too much & trying to use logic in the moment of performance (too slow). in one of the videos he says "cant you play dumb?" to a guy who is playing real stiff. i use this w/ my students in some scenarios "play dumb or drunk (a metaphor of course)".
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