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Got to see Karnivool for the 5th time I think, about a month back, and this was actually the first time I'd seen them at an inside venue, and holy shit, Steve had some sort of trigger on his bass drum that made the whole room rumble, I felt like I was being punched in the balls.... but I liked it.

Other than that, Steve's kit sounded incredible, especially, his stack. I've been a fan of this trashy sound for a long time and I'm now in the position of cymbal purchase, went down to the drum store today, played around with a couple of stacks, best one I got was stacking a Kahzan 14" China inside a Kahzan 16" China, I feel the 'cheaper' brands tend to have a trashier sound and more to what I'm after.

I was having a look at some closer pics of Steve's kit and didn't notice any immediate stamps/badges, does anybody have ANY idea what he's actually using for his stack?

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