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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
That's cool. I've gotten away from that scene on the net. I've debated many an atheist in the past, but I stay away from debating now. It's no use, and it's meaningless for the most part.
Ditto. I am agnostic. Even if you accept the string theory multiverse, it doesn't explain the start of the multiverse. I think the current thinking is that it might have all started with a fluctuation in a quantum vacuum, ie. absolutely nothing except potentials.

Weird thing to imagine nothing because it conjured up visions of empty space - except that space is something. Absolutely nothing is as unimaginable as infinity. What a brain bender!

So none of us know enough to believe anything, although there are old myths that seem implausible, eg. ... unless we engage in useful self-deception so as to access useful placebo effects (mind over matter through concentrated focus that can become available with faith because it reduces doubts and distractions). It can also be helpful socially.

The fact is that we have mind over matter phenomena that we don't really understand but we can still access and use without yet knowing how they work and it seems that some religious techniques provide access to those things.

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
I take measures to take care of my own mind and keep it as tidy as I can because a mind can be cluttered up with lots of junk too. I speak simply, but there is a lot that I can't explain in simple words. I think maybe developing certain positive behavioral traits may be like keeping the subconscious tidy so that you are not compelled subconsciously to act on behavior that is counter-productive to realizing a developmental evolution within oneself.
Good for you! I wish. My brain is a mess - old unwashed knickers, socks and t-shirts thrown over my memories, rotting apple cores fouling up my perception, splattered bugs hard dried onto the windshield of my mind etc.

I did have a interesting peak experience earlier this year after a period of trying to eliminate words from my thoughts. At the time I'd noticed that my thoughts seemed to all be word-based - not at all visual - just words and the sound of the words in my mind. So I did the meditation technique of gently putting aside any words that popped into my mind to see if I could have (or even notice) wordless thoughts happening in their stead. Felt pretty nice - should get back to that.


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