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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Bon, their anti religion advocacy is not of great interest to me.

Just that they are high geniuses with 100x times the knowledge I have and I find their talks and writing about their specialities informative and fascinating, eg.
That's cool. I've gotten away from that scene on the net. I've debated many an atheist in the past, but I stay away from debating now. It's no use, and it's meaningless for the most part.

That was an interesting lecture. I actually watched the whole thing. It is amazing how much more compelling the universe is when there are so many knowledgeable people out there discovering the mysteries of life.

But my main interests lie in human behavior now. I take measures to take care of my own mind and keep it as tidy as I can because a mind can be cluttered up with lots of junk too. I speak simply, but there is a lot that I can't explain in simple words. I think maybe developing certain positive behavioral traits may be like keeping the subconscious tidy so that you are not compelled subconsciously to act on behavior that is counter-productive to realizing a developmental evolution within oneself.
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