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At first the fiberskyns were sounded very good, so I put them on my toms and snare for my Gretsch kit. The coating on the head is unusual, it is like a paper with an adhesive backing like what one uses for their shelves in their kitchen. Remo took a photograph of a calf-skin head and reproduced it on a contact paper. It is not a traditional head coating that is more like a paint.

But after a short time, only a few months, the contact paper that was applied to the heads starts to bubble up and then the heads became very easy to crack, and I would break the heads.

I started using Aquarian Modern Vintage instead, I have them now in place of the fiberskyns and also have them on my Pearl kit for the batters on the snare and the toms.

On Edit, I attached some photos of the bubbling in the early stages.
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