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Originally Posted by firesticks
dude what are you talking about heres another fine exsample of someone opening there mouth and nothing coming out. alex van halen 3 main influances were keith moon, ginger baker and buddy ritch he was NOT a big fan of john bonham in almost 30 years i hered him mention bonham twice.
please you people need to check out other sites and see bonham is'nt much most drummers find him good a best and overrated. dont take my word for it look arround and see for you self.
My words exactly as you quoted them, "I don't remember them ever doing' any Zeppelin covers, and I never thought Alex to have a Bonham influence" So where do I say anything contrary. I can't say I quite know where you're coming from. I mention the 2 drummers from Budgie and Frank Beard as influences. Van Halen did ZZ Top covers and Budgie covers. Alex even set up his Ludwigs in similar fashion to Pete Boot, right after the "In for the Kill" album came out. Van Halen used to do a song called "Eyes In The Night" in which they pretty blatently copied the chorus from "Whiskey River" by Budgie. Later they stopped doing that song 'cause it was a little to close to plagerism.
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