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Default Re: Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Cool thing about the Honda is that the base models come with bluetooth and backup camera, I know I'd use both. Seats are ultra easy to deal with compared to the Toyota, and I know the Odyssey gets better mileage. BUT, the Toyota feels more powerful and drives very solidly and smooth. Cargo area is 2" wider as well.

Tough choice, we have 2 Toyotas at home and they've been great, but I know Honda owners love their cars, too.

I don't think there's a bad choice between the two, I just want to make the better choice if there is one. Otherwise, I suppose it comes down to price, and right now they're coming in about equal, which is odd since the Honda's MSRP is $2100 higher than Toyota! I think Toyota isn't very motivated, and that's pushing me towards the Honda. :)

Again, I'd be pretty happy with either.

The Blue tooth and backup camera are "handy." The camera is something you think you would never need but can't imagine life without it once you have it.
We bought at the right time since Honda is moving in the 2014's.

You definitely have a tough choice.
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