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Default Re: Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna

Cool thing about the Honda is that the base models come with bluetooth and backup camera, I know I'd use both. Seats are ultra easy to deal with compared to the Toyota, and I know the Odyssey gets better mileage. BUT, the Toyota feels more powerful and drives very solidly and smooth. Cargo area is 2" wider as well.

Tough choice, we have 2 Toyotas at home and they've been great, but I know Honda owners love their cars, too.

I don't think there's a bad choice between the two, I just want to make the better choice if there is one. Otherwise, I suppose it comes down to price, and right now they're coming in about equal, which is odd since the Honda's MSRP is $2100 higher than Toyota! I think Toyota isn't very motivated, and that's pushing me towards the Honda. :)

Again, I'd be pretty happy with either.

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