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Default Re: Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna

Bermuda -- i finally went the minivan route late last year (totaled sedan after t-bone mayhem). i test drove everything from KIA, Toyota (sienna), Dodge, Honda (odyssey) & Ford. i bought a 2012 odyssey. it was a complete slam-dunk. this is flat out the best car i have ever owned (seriously). makes gigging a dream & especially good when i bring extra sound gear. great for road trips, dogs & on-board computer pretty sick w/ iPod, CD storage & hands-fee phone.

parr of the deal is that the Honda looked the most bad-ass (to me) and definitely had the most power. since i am a car guy, the online community really appealed to me if i ever want to mod / search:

cavet is it is a HULKING BEAST, so get the back up camera if possible. takes forever to wash / wax. whatever. great van.
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