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Default Re: Quick tuner/head changer video. Some interesting features

Originally Posted by Sinthster View Post
Sorry about any confusion with this post. This tuner is my own and is currently not in production, what you see is a prototype. I have had it reviewed by a bunch of drummers in person, and was merely looking to gather some non-biased opinions on its design and features due to the fact that there are other products that have similar functions. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.
Then why didn't you introduce yourself in that manner? We don't respond well to people coming in here, pretending to "just stumble across a product" and then later revealing that they themselves invented, manufacture, sell, or are otherwise involved with the product in question. That's shady business. If you are the inventor looking for feedback, then show some respect for your potential future customer base and tell us that from the start.
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