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Default Re: Marks on tom heads

Originally Posted by HoM3R View Post
I'll second that, Remo coating comes off and Evans/Aquar just gets dirty. I've always liked Remo more but started using Evans G2's because of that.
Actually have a question regarding this that might help the poster aswell, Are the Smooth whites Emperors any way compared to the G2's because of the this or a hole new beast entirely? Kinda looking for a Remo head with the Evans coating.
I use smooth white Emperors. The white coating is inside of the head, not on top so it does not wear off. I never played evens heads so I cant compare the two but these sound amazing on my kit.

thought about it, ive never owned evens and played them on my drums, ive played them on other kits but not sure which model heads.

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