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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Agree Reg, when it comes to food and lifestyle. Otherwise I think of "nature" as the biosphere, which includes both living things and the elements. Is humanity included as part of nature? Or are we an invasive plague? Or maybe humans an inevitable consequence of life forms becoming increasingly complex over the last few billion years?

After all, every now and then in nature a species will have a "breakthrough". For instance, trilobites were the first animals to develop eyes. Freaky to think that for millions of years all living things on Earth were blind. Trilobites used their vision advantage to dominate the Earth for a while. Now they are fossils. I have a small one at home.
That's an interesting thought right there! Suppose in our midst is born a different child. The hope of the species of survival.

Would we allow him to date our girls? No! Would we allow him to be our friend? No! Would we allow him to live in our neighbourhood? No!

Because humans have come to the conclusion that *this* is the chosen form, the pinnacle of our existence, the epitome of creation.

Of course, if my understanding of evolution is correct, the poor misunderstood kid would destroy us all and go on living. Since it's evolution, there's absolutely no way this kid could be killed.

Which seems to be another common thread in most religious texts, i,e. the Day of Judgment, the coming of the Anti-Christ or Mehdi or Kalyug.

We'd *try* to kill him from the moment he was born. Or maybe even before, hahaha ;)
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