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Default Roland TD-20 Module vs TD-30 for triggering?

Hi. I'm new to this forum, and am looking for an educated opinion on this particular subject. I am about to buy some e-drums from a foreign manufacturer (together with the high end Roland cymbals) and then run them through a Roland module to get the best triggering capabilities for Superior Drummer etc.

I'm wondering if anyone on here really knows the differences between the td-20 and td-30 as far as that goes. The td-20 will save me a lot of money if I buy one used, but I want whichever module will provide me with the best control over the drum sounds for recording. What's the big difference between the two? I've read someone on here saying something like: they're newer, so they're better. Haha. I'd prefer a bit more of an informed opinion that that if you've got one, please. Thanks for any feedback.
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