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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Oh snap what a fun thread. I carry a Sabian cymbal bag.

I got an assortment of sticks both matched and mismatched. They are all tied together in pairs with colorful rubber bands. I have mostly generic sticks now since they are so incredibly cheap and plenteous. I get those Musicians' Gear Hickory sticks. You know, the 10 pair for $10 type of deal. Then I match them according to feel and weight, color them with markers and designs, and rubber band them together. I have like 8 pairs of those in my bag; then I have various Pro Mark pairs because they are the best, duh. I have 727's, 747's, and of course you can't go wrong with 5A's. I also have some random "Lightning Sticks" I got for like $2 a pair back before the cheap cheap sticks came out. Those Lightning Sticks suck, they are by Sound Percussion I think...5B's. I can't wait to break those.

I also have a pair of Lightning Rods and a pair of Hot Rods, and Zildjian Cymbal Mallets - the black sticks with the grey yarn ball ends.

Got a few extra rubber bands in there and a drum key or two. As well as some emergency tension rods should the very rare need occur that I ever break one. Hasn't happened yet.

For cymbals yeah I pretty much carry Sabian AA, Meinl Byzance, and Zildjian K. I'd go into detail but I'm too tired at the moment. :-)
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Sabian AA, Meinl Byzance, Zildjian K
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