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Default Re: Any tips for 'useful fidgeting'?

I definitely do more than half the things mentioned in this thread, except dance. Never been a dancer.

When it comes to something being counted, I tend to do the same thing, but I have a tendency to grind my teeth a little bit instead of tapping. I think I developed this because when I was younger I would tap the cupboards or the fridge or w/e looking for something to eat, or tap on the counter waiting for something, or tap on my keyboard without pressing keys while thinking in class, and was always getting yelled at for being rude and impatient from siblings/teachers/parents/friends etc.

But like mentioned before, I have been learning to think about NOW and forget about everything else in the past/present. I have come to realize I am easily controlled by negative thoughts or thinking about the past/future. I realized this one day, and decided it is not good to be thinking about what your going to be doing when you get home while your driving, or about that argument you just had with your co worker, or whatever it is. It is much better to pay attention to the cars around you and where you are going (i never trust other drivers haha). I also stopped listening to music while I drive because it makes me fidgety and space out because I'm trying to analyze it haha. So instead I listen to the tires against the pavement, or the wind, or the engine, try to guess how fast I'm going or something without looking at the speedometer etc.

The only time I tap is if I'm for instance in a waiting room for the doctor or something where I have a good solid 10-15 minutes. And I'll sit somewhere where I can be fairly secluded and work through rudiments with my feet/hands, and try to not actually make any slapping noise. (similar to practicing rudiments as quietly as possible, which I do well as full accents) So unless I have something set in stone to try and engrave deeper into my memory, and I truly have a moment to zone out on it, I try not to do it anymore.

The other thing, is just close your eyes, and picture yourself playing it. I can't remember if I read/heard/watched it, but I heard about a study where they took some olympic runners and hooked them up to a machine that measured muscle moments. They asked the runners to relax, and close there eyes, and picture themselves running and winning the race. What they discovered was that, the muscles that were being used in their vision would actually fire off signals, which helps engrave muscle memory. I remember also reading an article from ultimate guitar from a guitar teacher saying he used to just run through riffs in his head as practice sometimes before bed. I do this all the time with ANYTHING i'm working on. Also have read some book on Vince Gironda (look him up if you don't know him, he's known as the iron guru,before "guru" became overused. he trained people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. intelligent dude) But he was talking about making gains in bodybuilding, and how if you have no vision of it, you will never achieve it. Lots of different articles point to this same thing. I remember seeing some movie called "the secret" on netflix once that kind of spoke about this stuff. Just something to think about and play with.

I think vision is INSANELY important. So i often will just lay back close my eyes and picture myself sitting behind the drumset and playing a particular groove. try to grasp the motions you go through, as well as the feeling you get playing it, what grip technique is required etc etc.
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