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Default Acoustic/Electronic Kits

Hey Guys,

Here's a couple of pics from the incorporation of my acoustic and electronic kits to make a "Franken-Kit".

The acoustic kit is a Yamaha Birch Custom with a Pork Pie Cherry Bubinga Snare.
Cymbals are mainly Paiste Signatures
The electronic pads are from the Alesis DM10 Studio kit and the 8 pad Midi Controller is the Alesis Control Pad with the iPad running Beatmaker 2 as it's Brain.
There is also a Roland TD10K trigger on the bass drum which can be switched between using the A/B pedal.
The outputs of the DM10 are then put through the Line6 M5 effects pedal.

Would love to see other peoples kits like this and your thought on this.

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