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Sadly, I have an update to this topic and it is not good. I wish I had stumbled across this forum about two years ago. I purchased two Gator Hard shell snare cases back in 2010 and 2011. I had no idea about the issue with the lining and/or adhesive for the lining causing moisture damage to the drum shell and hardware. I wish I had known. I would have purchased a couple more SKB or H&B cases instead.

I have a large snare collection and these drums are stored in a combination of H&B, SKB, and Gator cases. Well now-its just SKB & H&B's !!!

So of 4 metal snares in my collection-two of them were stored in Gator cases, and two were stored in H&B cases. All cases in the same area of my house. The drums in H&B and SKB cases were fine. Stacked right next to the Gator cases.

The Gator cased snares- a GMS Brass Shell 6.5" x 14" was covered in corrosion that was of a weird mix of orange and white corrosion. The Sonor Phil Rudd Signature Snare -5x14 was also covered in a white corrosion. This was really disappointing to see! I received the Sonor drum as a xmas gift back in 2011and it only had 3-4 hours of playing time on it before I cased it and packed it away. The first time I pull it out of its case and its all corroded! Not good.

I found someone that refinishes metal drums and between the shipping and service-its gonna be around $225-$250 when it s all said and done. And that's per drum! The GMS snare looks so badly damaged that my refinishing guy is not even sure what he can do would make a difference. I hope he is wrong but for now, I am just waiting for him to start on the Sonor drum and I guess see how that turns out...

Sadly, a casual question and conversation at a drum shop this past weekend led me to finding out there was a larger known problem with Gator cases and other drummers having their prized possessions damaged by these cases. So a little research on my part and voila-I find this forum posting with links posted to document the damage that ruined many a drum.

It seems like no one has posted on this topic for roughly a year. I guess the word got out about Gator cases. I am curious if any one out there has had any more recent experience with Gator customer service? Does anyone have anything good to say about the customer service? Or a contact at Gator that is sympathetic to those of us with this problem.. were they willing to work out something with you? Were they evasive and unwilling to accept some responsibility with their faulty equipment? I get the sense from others that previously posted here that Gator was difficult to deal with.

Beyond never buying another Gator cases again, and spending to have these drums refinished, I am not sure what I plan to do with my situation in respect to dealing with Gator. Will it even be worth all the hassle???

thanks for reading & viewing the damage

I appreciate your taking time to read my story and really appreciate it if you can offer any personal experience or contacts at Gator that were helpful with your situation.

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