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Default Re: Zildjian stick quality improved since Vic Firth merger?

I've got a couple of pairs of them hanging around in my stick bag. I find lately that I'm moving back and forth between sticks, switching between Vater, VF, and Zildjian.... All 5A, but they all have a slightly different feel, and I'll choose based on my mood for the day...

I realized after reading this that I've been using the same pair of Zildjian sticks for nearly three months now, and they're still going strong. It's in rotation with the others, but still, that's pretty good! I think they get at least a few hours a week of play time, and they seem to be doing ok!

Haha, I just remembered I also have a pair of these hanging around in a box of spare sticks beside my kit... Anyone still using/ever use these?
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