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Default Re: Quick Torque Cam & Speed Cobra

Used on the other IC pedals (Rolling & the other one...Powerglide?) I felt a HUGE difference in feel in the side by side.
The Demon Drive, and DW's too.
I use the Red Cam on the Eliminator, and like I said it was smooth to begin with, but the QTC made a difference I noticed more after a little while, than right away.

The only other pedal I've played that feels as good to me as an Elim., is the Tama Flexi IC with the Cobra Coil. Not sure I'd use a QTC on that one. Things not lining up perfectly would be a concern too.
The Cobra Coil seemed like a weird gimmick, but it actually felt really good when I tried it.

My (3rd) Eliminator without the QTC still feels great, but, I can feel a tiny bit more effort is needed compared with the other 2.
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