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Default Re: Picked up some ATLAS mounts and other goodies.

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
I'm 97% of the way convinced. But I'll want a rail mount... and the cymbal holder... then floor tom legs... then I'll figure to fly cymbals off the floor tom like this guy did.... it's like my GAS and my tinkering tendencies will clap together with cataclysmic effect...
I hear you loud and clear.
I did all that stuff a few years ago making parts myself with Gibraltar stuff :-)

It'd be less money spent on my part if these Atlas things were out back then I can tell you! I had fun though :-)

Not too keen on the Atlas FT legs myself because I use 16 and 18, and they stick out a bit, so a larger case size is needed. It's no further out than with a RIMS FT thing though--and a lot more sturdy. It might go into bags as is--but I don't own bags.

For a tom though, I think it's great. After hearing the tom with it at the shop, it's a no-brainer compared to a RIMS to me.

I had memory locks and all that with the RIMS I used, but it always seemed to be needing some kind of adjustment all the time--plus the band covering part of the drum.... If I ever use a tom off a cymbal stand again (instead of the snare stand) I will use one of the Atlas mounts for doing it.

I like the Atlas rail thing, but I still have a soft spot for the older style version. Less "stuff" I guess. Steve Maxwell's rail mount was pretty sweet when I saw it in May.

Going to a 24" case if you had all that stuff on a 22" bass drum wouldn't really be a huge deal, but going back to a 28" case for me with the 26 would be a disaster.

If it was for a kit that just stayed at home, now that's another story.....
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