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Default Re: Metal drummers using Gretsch?

I'm sure with the newfound popularity of Gretsch drums these days (with Guitar Center pimping as they do), metal dudez are using them too! Although, to me, drums of that quality, deserve property tuned heads, played properly... and a great number of metal drummers use triggers which really don't produce the real tone of the drums anyway so it just becomes more of a marketing ploy. To me the "Gretsch sound" was Tony Williams, Phil Collins, Art Blakey and Vinnie Colaiuta until recently.

That said, Lars Ulrich used a Gretsch bass drum (kick drum, in metal lingo) on the Black Album because that was the "sound" he felt he wanted. Not sure what that means since the sound was replaced by a triggered tone anyway in the mixdown phase... but I digress.

Gretsch kits have been a staple of recording studios for decades and even guys who endorse other kits live, have Gretsch kit carted to the studio, at least for certain tracks.
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