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Default Re: Metal drummers using Gretsch?

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
I personally know two guys who play pretty extreme forms of metal who play Catalina Maples. They are great drums, no better or worse, in my opinion, than other major maunfacturers higher end kits.

I am curious why you ask? Is it because you play metal and like Gretsch drums. but are afraid of being mocked by the metal community? If so I wouldn't worry. If you can play nobody will care what brand of drums you are playing.
Thanks. The reason I asked was I've been hired to play with a metal band for a gig all the way in Paris this fall. I'm a jazz/fusion/funk drummer at heart and I couln't say no to this opportunity. I have a 7-piece Catalina Maple (with Istanbul Agop cymbals too!) and I was wondering if Gretsch are good for metal with tone and were versatile. I've just watched a couple of YouTube videos and seen some great drummers playing metal on Gretsch kits so it seems so! Thanks again!
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