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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by ianjphil View Post
Thanks for the kind words Neal.

The hoops are Champagne Drum Woody Hoops, and the claws are Champagne Woody Hoop Claws. Lucky for me, we are both based in Winnipeg, so there were no shipping charges. I've used Greg's lugs for 4 years on all of my custom snares that I make.

I did have to make some gaskets to get the clearance for the hoops, as they are Hide-a-Head style. But that was no worries by me! I find that the gaskets makes the lugs have a bit more visual separation and "pop" from the silver sparkle wrap.

When I gig with the Bop kit now, nobody says anything other than that the drums look and sound great. Nobody is the wiser that they were less than $500.

The difference of having the wood hoops, along with new bearing edges, and the Evans Level 360 heads has made a world of a difference. I plan to keep gigging with this kit for the foreseeable future.
Excellent stuff! Thanks for the quick reply. I've just acquired another Jungle kit that I'm going to attempt a similar setup. Haven't figured out what claws I want yet...thanks for those links.
I have no doubt your kit is hitting way above it's weight class in the sound department. If you love the sound, doesn't matter if they cost $500 or $5000 !

I'll post pictures back here when I get my grand design finished.
Taking my time with one though...

Crank the Reso

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