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Default Re: I got some budget mics.

Iím stoked. I tried these budget mics today, and I think they are great. I really donít know what they cost new. I paid 150 used. I think theyíre budget mics. I donít know much about micing or sound, so they arenít tweeked out, just a basic sound. Iíve got an old Peavey 7 Ch. Mixer w/o phantom power. So I could not try the condensers. I am very happy with the results. I had the overall Eq. set in a V shape.( I donít know how else to describe it) The same way I listen to my stereo. The 3 Eqís on ea. Ch. were all flat, except the kick. I had the low turned up a little past 0. I think I could have deadened my fl. Tom a little, or turned it down, but I think they will sound good when our sound man is at the helm. My band has good equipment, and better sound man capabilities than I do. So when we play our next gig, Iíll know just how good these mics are. Hereís a 1 min. video.
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