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Default Zildjian stick quality improved since Vic Firth merger?

So I never used to care for Zildjian's sticks, especially their not-signature sticks. It seemed like they were made of especially soft hickory that appeared to flake and chip extremely easily.

As part of the Peter Erskine thing at Donn Bennett's yesterday, they had a special, all Zildjian sticks for $5. I said, what the hell, it's post-merger, who knows, and bought a pair of Super 5Bs (the Zildjian analog to my favored Vic Firth stick, the X5B). And you know what... I have not liked a Zildjian stick this much in, like, ever. It feels a lot more like a Vic in my hands than the old ones ever did.

Anyone else notice quality improvements in their sticks? Seems almost like post-merger, Vic is doing some of the stick work for Zildjian...

Any VF/Zildjian stick endorsers on the page who'd like to comment?
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