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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

All I can say about the mind is that it, like land, sea and space, is a frontier, and like space and sea, it is mostly uncharted. You can see how much we've ventured into outer space. We don't know even half of what the government knows about outer space. I believe the same things are true about the human mind. we are just barely tapping into its regions (I guess that's the right word). There is so much yet to discover and I hope we allow ourselves enough time to evolve enough to explore it deeper before we destroy ourselves completely. There are other things like asteroids that can destroy us, but that stuff is beyond our control at the moment unless we collectively decide that we are one race, the human race, and we need to collectively work together. If we can figure out how to quit destroying ourselves or keep from destroying ourselves, we can work together and focus our energy on trying to keep this planet from destroying us, or external forces from outer space from destroying us. This is all just brainstorming ideas though. Not much you can do about a polar shift. It's just gonna happen when it does. The sun does it all the time.

Sorry, my main point is that the mind is a frontier.
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