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Default Re: Quick Torque Cam & Speed Cobra

Alright so here's my 2 cents after a months use:

The quick torque cam definitely makes a difference in your pedal response. Like a user previously mentioned, it does not utilize the potential of the spring tension until right before the beater hits the head, causing the beater and pedal to snap back quicker upon impact. Essentially, you're spring tension is much more lose than you would originally have it. HOWEVER, here's my experience with the SPEED COBRAS:

I used the QTC for a week before my spring snapped on my pedal. The Speed Cobras use a special "Super Spring" (that's literally what it's called) that uses a more brittle alloy. It was nearly impossible to find a replacement as well. What does this spring do as opposed to regular springs? Here is the official description:

"The newly developed Super Spring needs less exertion in the beginning of pedal action. When the beater rebounds from the bass drum head, you can easily feel a quicker response, and by adjusting the Cobra Coil underneath the footboard, you can acquire a smoother feel."

Basically, the Speed Cobra already comes stock with the same technology that the QTC is supposed to provide, thus, there is no need for a QTC on a Speed Cobra. Moreover, when installing all 3 spacers on the spring arm holder, the spring still wasn't completely lined up with the cam so it oscillated at an angle rather than straight, causing more awkward torque to the spring. This could've helped contribute to the broken spring.

One last thing, if you're using a double pedal, the QTC and its spacers takes up a bit of space on the slave spring holder arm side, providing less space for the slave connector rod to mount it. Eventually, I put my stock Speedo Ring arms back on my speed cobra and have been enjoying them ever since. All in all I think the Quick Torque Cam is a great product that really works, I just don't think it should be used on the Speed Cobra, which already incorporates the same technology the QTC promotes.
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