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Default 10 for $10 sale at GC had some gems!

I just got $360.00 worth of sticks for $30 bucks...

I went in to Guitar Center to shoot the breeze and blow some time today and they had the 10 pairs for $10 sale. I walked by and noticed what looked like oak sticks in the sale bin. Usually those sticks are Vic Firth seconds, and occasionally Vater seconds, so I went to the Vic Firth Display and looked for the Shogun model and sure enough they were the same sticks as the Shogun 5B sticks (They sell at GC for $11.99 a pair). I opened a pack and rolled all 20 sticks, and actually all 20 sticks were as straight as can be. I visually saw no defects except that the tips on some of them were the correct shape a little rough. A few of them had some small splinters in the middle, but were smooth and solid.

Most of the models they stock as seconds are hickory 5A and 5B models, but every once in a while I'll find some signature models that I like. Last year I found a few bags of Vater West Side sticks and Vic Firth Buddy Rich models, and I bought the only 2 bags of each that I saw (I love those sticks). A few years ago I bought some Dave Weckl Evolution sticks and Vic Firth Perter Erskine ride sticks in that 10 for $10 sale. I've never found the oak models, and this is right on time for me because I've been thinking of getting some more 5B sticks lately, due to playing more heavy rock and fusion/rock/funk hybrid music. I went to a gig where one of my friends was playing drums. He called me up to play a few songs in a set and I used his Promark Oak 5B's and I liked how they felt for the heavy songs that we played. Out of 20 or so bags of sticks, I only saw 3 bags of oak sticks, so I bought all three. I played a little with them and they feel nice and heavy. They give a full and robust sound on the drums and cymbals. It's a nice change-up from what I usually use. Most of the sticks I use are in the 5A range.

That sale is a good bargain for anyone who likes to use heavier sticks. I usually stay away from the hickory sticks in that bin because they are sometimes warped or they have weak grain. These oak models all were solid, dense, smooth and straight as an arrow. Mostly all of the signature models I've gotten have been as perfect as a production stick and these seem to be just the same way. I can see using these for practice, studio work and performances. Sometimes there are so gems in that Stick sale bin.
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