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Default Re: Sabian Hand Hammered logo's

Originally Posted by BertTheDrummer View Post
Depends on your definition of "Hand Hammered." From what I understand they are pressed into shape then are either human guided machine hammered or some of the HH and Vault cymbals are hand hammered after that.

So anyway I guess the main reason for not putting Hand Hammered anymore is that a bunch of line isn't.
I've read differing views on how much (if any) hand hammering is done on the HHX line but to my knowledge all of the HH line has always been hand hammered regardless of the changes in logo.

Not that anyone asked, but I really don't like either the new giant HH logo or the previous "Hand Hammered" logo. They're all too big and take up too much space on the top of the cymbal. The early 90s logos were a lot more understated but I much prefer the original tiny logos best.

Nowadays, I pretty much routinely clean off all the top logos as soon as I get a new cymbal once I've decided it's a keeper.

Also I think all of Zildjian's cymbals are now machine hammered. If I remember correctly they have specific computer controlled patterns for some lines and others they just use a random computer patterns for others.
I don't think Zildjian has ever offered hand hammered cymbals other than the early Canadian-made K's.
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