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Default Re: Thick single ply heads?

Originally Posted by Birdman View Post
I also have now become a recent fan of coated G14 on snare. Really compliments the bubinga 6.5" deep snare. Adds a "thickness" or more substantial presence when hit. I have it right next to a Tama S.L.P. "Vintage Steel" w/ a coated G1. The G1 is thinner and yes, sounds "thinner" - not bad, just doesn't have the presence and "balls", if you will, of the G14. I forever thought one should generally stick w/ the classic single ply 10mil on snare drums... nope, coated G14 is now me head of choice on my snare. Snares are a unique beast in that the batter is so radically different from the reso - a G14 just adds to that contrast(desirable) and the tone of the drum.
Amen to that! I put a G14 coated on my Tama Starclassic Maple 5.5" x 14" snare for the recording of my band's first EP and felt like I finally have found the batter that that particular drum likes best. It just seems to pull the most body out of it, while not killing the duration of the note, like a 2-ply would.

I really enjoy an ST or G2 coated or on most of my other 14" snares (except for my Ludwig Epic "Brick"), but I suspect I'll be slowly switching all of those over to G14s, eventually.
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