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Default Re: 100 year old mahogany

Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
I am afraid the time and materials that will be in the kit, I will want more than a Craviatto kit, and I know my inlay work is not up to Craviatto's level ---yet, so my conscience will force me to sell it for much less than what I feel it is worth, therefore I am leaning towards keeping it for my greedy self. But money talks, and I always need money.
For sure - if you added up your time, you'd be much better off flipping burgers!!!! Most players have absolutely no idea how long such a build takes, especially compared to layering up standard ply shells. I'm guessing the ratio exceeds 10:1!!!

My advice is to let the kit do the talking. If it really speaks to you personally, aside from the deserved pride in building it, then keep it. If it's just a very nice kit, let it be another one on your journey that helps build the next one. I've lost count of the number of drums we've sold way below cost, but they do their job, then it's time to move on :(
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