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Default Re: Quick Torque Cam & Speed Cobra

Originally Posted by TreeClimbingFeet View Post
They delay the onset of high spring tension until just before your beater hits the head, ie you have the spring looser than normal to start with, so there is less initial resistance but as the beater approaches the head the QTC 'catches' more of the spring and ramps up the tension which provides for a quicker return.

So the pedal is easier to push on, like having loose spring tension, but still returns to starting position as fast as if it was using a higher spring tension.

It's like the red beater cam on Pearl Eliminators but used on the spring instead, and it's adjustable.
The way you describe it, it sounds like it just makes sense. Why couldn't we engineer this on normal pedals? Seems as it would cost the same, just use a different jig for the cam. I may be checking this out.
Originally Posted by iamjohn View Post
I just bought the Speed Cobra pedal. It hasn't even arrived yet. I read this thread and just ordered a Quick Torque Cam for it. You guys sold me.

Why not have the best performing pedal I can right?
Let us know the results, PLEASE! I may be getting a couple of these.
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