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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post

On the other hand, I find it strange and frustrating that we humans are seemingly not allowed to be fully present when we do our best work. Poor old Self 1 has to largely sit on the sidelines while Self 2 rides to glory.
This is why I love the Tao. And I suppose to really be switched on you need to switch off as it were. Everything appears to be contradictory. Humans are the most wonderful beings that are simultaneously the very best and the very worst thing to ourselves and or surroundings.

But I think the argument goes that we are completely present when we do our best's just not necessarily how we experience our day to day lives. But I believe you always get what you want, but never how you expect it, and rarely in the form that you thought you wanted it in.
It's better to sit in silence and be thought a fool, than open ones mouth and remove all doubt..
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