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Default Re: 100 year old mahogany

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
The inlay works really well on the hoops, & complements the bass drum beautifully :)
My inlay skill is getting a little better with each drum, so I just went back, routed out the 14 and re did it. I too love the look of the hoops. I am getting anxious to play on this kit as well. I do have a drummer who has been hinting that he wants to buy this kit, he is the owner of the the burl snare posted above, he is a full time professional. That snare recently made it onto every track of his last album (he brought I think 8 or 9 others to the sessions) I am not sure I can come up with a price. I am afraid the time and materials that will be in the kit, I will want more than a Craviatto kit, and I know my inlay work is not up to Craviatto's level ---yet, so my conscience will force me to sell it for much less than what I feel it is worth, therefore I am leaning towards keeping it for my greedy self. But money talks, and I always need money.
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