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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Around 4m55s, Hal Galper talks about how the unconscious mind - or as he calls it, "the intuitive level" - is so much faster than our conscious mind.

Thing is, I always hear that when playing music (or anything) the conscious mind needs to be suppressed in order to get into the zone. Yet the conscious mind is an attribute that's given humans dominance over the earth and is obviously incredibly useful. Just not when you are trying to perform at your best. The best foot we put forward always seems to be that "shadow self" - that's when you're "being yourself" ... when you are less aware of what you're doing. We seem to be designed to fly blind.

Love that McGurk Effect. Amazing how you can't adjust to it.
I hear you about "being designed to fly blind". Timothy Gallway, in his seminal work "The Inner Game of Tennis" does a remarkable job of illuminating the "shadow self" you refer to.

He uses the terms "Self 1" and "Self 2" to describe the two. He also has several methods in there of accessing "Self 2".

I highly recommend his work if you are looking at applying this concept to your playing/life.

And the McGurk effect is crazy. Makes one wonder what we can really be sure of if we can't even hear a simple sound correctly.
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