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I brought my dynasonic snare with the calfskin head to a jam. The bass player had a drum set there already. I just brought the snare, a snare stand, a throne, and sticks.
This was the first time I traveled with the calf-skin head snare. It was also a louder jam and the snare was heard very well. The head has a great bounce, and sounds good too. Throughout the 3 1/2 hour jam, I had to tune the snare three times. Even though I can tune the snare fast, the other musicians are not used to having to wait for a drummer to tune his snare.

The first time tuning, I tightened the heads on the snare when I first took it out of the car after travel. I had to tighten it again once more and then loosen it the last time. I am not sure if I over tightened it the second to the last time or it got tighter.

Yes it does take a lot more care using the calfskin head. I think I should allow the head to adjust to the room. But, the head sounds great, and has a good bounce. I am able to fly off of the snare and onto the tom with a lot more ease than my mylar heads.
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