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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
I think that is a pretty fair assessment. Actually a lot of us Van Halen fans really lost interest with Van Hagar. I think all those Dave albums were much different overall for the whole band, and not just because Sammy took over. With 5150 and OU812 (Hagar) era, they just went in a different direction. After that, I really just stopped listening. I would have liked to have seen them live with Hagar singing the early album stuff, since I like his voice better than Dave's, but for some reason, I'm thinking he wouldn't pull it off convincingly. Anyone seen Haggar sing the old stuff live?

I think Van Halen I, and 1984 are two of the best Rock and Roll albums ever recorded, not for the drumming, but just for the overall quality of most every song.
Actually, I have their "Best of Both Worlds" album, and it's great. Although, Sam Hagar doesn't do very good with the David Lee Roth songs. I think I just like Diamond Dave better. :-p Also, I'm pretty sure from the concert footage I've seen of the Reunion Tour, the only reason Van Hagar wouldn't do very good, is because, he just doesn't have the spirit and flamboyance of David Lee Roth. I still like Hagar though.."5150" was his best album with them. Also, I think I like "Women and Children First", second to "1984".
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