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Default Re: High pressure sales techniques

Just got back from getting an oil change around an hour ago... had three different guys come in and start pushing other crap on me. They were a-okay with trying to take an extra $150 of my money but when I asked them to take $2 off the purchase so it would be an even forty, that was impossible. Go figure.

I'm in gear sales, and you guys can take solace in the fact that us asking for your information is just as stressful as you having to put up with it. None of us find joy in pestering you, it's just how we get the paycheck. But the phone number thing is actually legitimately helpful for the customer... we can look you up by it when you shop with us so that the checkout process is much more streamlined and we never even use the phone number without requesting permission. Like if someone orders some drums through me, I will call them when the set arrives.

There's definitely another side of the story and at the end of the day, both people involved just want to get through the transaction without any trouble.
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