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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

So, if the subconscious mind controls that much of our activity, is the last 5% free will?

I do understand being in "the Zone" as far as drumming is concerned. It usually happens after the second hour of drumming where I'm all warmed up and all the bugs have been worked out of the system (the mind). There are moments of clarity where the mind does not get in the way and I can do impressive things I've never thought of until I was there at that point and in the moment. Then at the end of the night driving home, I wonder if I can get there again. How can I do that stuff consistently and bring that kind of drumming out of myself on a regular basis? So I am driven to tap into that excellence in my playing more often because the more times I do that, the more it becomes habit. Preparation plays a big part in it too. When I actually do sit down and wood shed on the fundamentals, it opens doors for me when I am finally in that moment or zone.
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