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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Being bolted with is terrifying. One of the reasons I bought Charlie is because he'd rather stop than go.
I was about nine years old, at the local riding school where I'd been having lessons for a couple of years. I was quite competent and knew how to control a horse and had experience of them bucking and generally misbehaving. I'm in the indoor school - which isn't very big - trotting around on a horse called Jasper that I was very fond of. Suddenly, a bird flies right in front of Jasper's face and he bolts.

I managed to cling on for about ten yards before I came off. It hurt. A lot. Nothing broken but my arm had stuck out (for some reason) when he bolted and my arm had scraped along the top of a wall... so that was painful. Got back on and carried on with the lesson after ten minutes or so but it was scary having a horse bolt on you.
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