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Default Re: Picked up some ATLAS mounts and other goodies.

Lately I've kind of been re-ignited in my interest in drums... I played from 98-07 or so, but had to stop largely due to moving out on my own... anyway, I picked up a Modern Drummer for the first time in 5 years -- mostly to see what's been advancing in the products realm -- and on the inside cover is this Ludwig Atlas stuff. The mounts and stuff replace the lugs.... SERIOUSLY?? Why did no one ever think of this before??

So it just replaces standard Classic Lugs? Most of my gear is 60's Ludwig (some Gretsch, but all 'player' gear, nothing extraordinarily collectable)... if I ever got back into it, I should seriously consider picking some of this stuff up.

I first saw that ad and I thought, 'damn, that looks genius'. But I thought 'ooop, what if it sucks though?'

How long has this stuff been out? Are people loving it all around or are there people that are vehemently against it?
A. Giampa
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