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Default Re: Videos of my two setups - Pearl Reference, Corder / Fibes, Paiste, and Zildjian

Originally Posted by SgtThump View Post
Drums were recorded with two Sterling Audio condenser overhead mics and a Shure Sm57 on the bass drum. These went through a mixer, then into a Zoom Q3HD recorder (line in.) Can't do any mixing after recording, so I can't make minor adjustments to the volume levels or EQ, but it's still not bad IMO.

Pearl Reference Set and Paiste 2002 cymbals >
I have the same Pearl Reference kit, maybe a little fade smoke to black finish with wood grain showing through, high gloss finish. Yours looks solid black, or maybe that's the photos.

Thanks for the recording!

PS. I'm trying to get something together on that end myself. I found my M-Audio FastTrack Pro, which has two mic inputs and two "inserts", which I'm not sure what they are. Then I have a Roland PM30 monitor with 3 channel inputs.
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