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Default Re: "New" drum day - 6pc Yamaha Stage Custom

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
None. As drums they are as solid as anything you could hope to ever buy. All the mounts, hardware, etc. are exactly the same as the day I bought them. A real good-quality set.

Don't get all hung up on the wood mix, they tune well and give you a good, oomphy, punchy sound. I like to use coated or clear G2s over clear G1s on the toms, an EQ3 front and back on the kick.
Excellent. I appreciate the response. I kind of figured as much... the guy said he toured with them for a decade but, aside from a few scratches and dents, they still look pretty awesome and the hardware feels solid. I have always taken wood's effect on tone with a grain of salt... much like electric guitars, the wood type seems to be a relatively minor part when compared to the heads, tuning, mounting, thickness, hardware, etc. As long as it isn't weak wood (which, thanks to your help, I'm thinking it's quite the opposite) I am not too worried about it.

Thanks again for all your input so far. I was thinking G1s for the resonant but I am fortunate enough to work in a drum shop so I will have the opportunity to try many different combinations without much of a dent in my wallet. I am glad to hear that yours have held up well for you so far, and your answers have been very helpful.

Sorry for rambling, I am just so excited to have these! It's exactly what I wanted... size configuration, woods, brand, everything!
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