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Default Re: "New" drum day - 6pc Yamaha Stage Custom

Originally Posted by Bastille View Post
Thanks for the answers! Falkata? I am glad to hear that there is some birch/mahogany in there but I've never heard of falkata.

Al, I'm gonna wager a guess that you like the drums if you're still gigging with them. Have you had any major issues with them so far?
None. As drums they are as solid as anything you could hope to ever buy. All the mounts, hardware, etc. are exactly the same as the day I bought them. A real good-quality set.

Don't get all hung up on the wood mix, they tune well and give you a good, oomphy, punchy sound. I like to use coated or clear G2s over clear G1s on the toms, an EQ3 front and back on the kick.
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