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Default Re: Our unconscious mind

Fascinating stuff!

I liken this sort of thinking to what athletes call 'the zone'. When I used to snow ski about 100+ days a year once in a blue moon I would have what I call 'the perfect run'. My conscious mind would recede as it were and the body, (it seemed), just took over and I was completely flowing. Euphoric really...and very difficult to reproduce. My conscious mind would want to replicate 'the run' and I guess that's where it got in the way. I would perform well, but not like that 'perfect run'.

I've also had similar experiences with drumming, but felt more like an out of body experience. Kind of like I was observing myself play, and play perfectly. Again very rare, but euphoric.

I reckon that folks like Eckhart Tolle and the Zen masters et. al. had it right and that if we train ourselves to stop, or at least decrease, our incessant inner chatter (talking to ourselves) we can more freely access our subconscious mind. The path to Nirvana is, apparently, available to all.
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