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Originally Posted by CreeplyTuna View Post
Socks for me, every time. I like to feel the pedal and I don't thinks it's that gross since you're going to get sweaty either way. At gigs I just take off my shoes and still 'em behind me. There's no way I'll go back to wearing footwear while playing. Just my 2 cents.

Based on my experience , any time I'm not playing intricate (read: not constant) double bass at over 200bpms, the shoes matter less. Constant double bass is easier than starting/stopping/16th's 8th's 16th's 16th-rest 16th's, etc...

If I'm playing normal stuff, shoes/drums/sticks - none of that matters. It's only when I'm being pushed to my limits.

Hell, when I play full out - I need a fan. I even have a fan preference. lol!
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