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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Well basic quick run down, I had a 3 hour rehearsal last night with the Ahead Spinal G. The plain simple of it is that the throne didn't blow me away. Did it do what it's supposed to? I think so, I didn't really feel any pain in my back or my tail bone. Though I think the throne could use for some extra padding though. I can't say I really noticed the spring in there or not. I do have to say I do like the 4 legs as opposed to the 3. I didn't really notice that it took up any more or less space than my 3 legged throne. I guess you can say this isn't a good or bad review. The kit I play on for rehearsals isn't my kit and it isn't set up near where I would like it. So that might be part of it. I've been so busy lately I don't even have my kit setup at home. So we will see what the future holds for this throne.
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