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Default Re: Thinking about a Mini Cooper

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I am an ASE master mechanic and own my own business. Work on them and they are the most expensive pieces of junk one can buy. Parts are very expensive , most of them being dealer only parts, alldata(most shops auto information website) has no diagnostic information on them , (even though my European scan tool can get the codes and datas),

I would recommend to stay away . Although they are cute , the are a little bit like dodge Chrysler products :gold plates turds :)
I haven't heard of them being junk. every car brand has issues. as far as dealer only I don't mind that. I do all work, brakes, oil, even wiper blades myself. the most expensive piece of junk would be a Mercedes actually. I agree Chrysler is garbage though. Im still getting one as soon as the right one comes along. thanks for all the good info guys, judging by what ive read im getting a 2010 or newer ( maybe even new).