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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
You are a kind man, Reggae (or pragmatic). Jain Buddhist by any chance?

Pretty sure the ants are flowing like water into my place, simply pushing out in all directions but when the trail to my place keeps resulting is soldier ants MIA they gravitate to more productive trails ... until a wekk or two later when they try again, just in case the murderous ogre's gone away.

Never mind no straight lines in nature, there are no straight artificial lines either. Zoom in enough on the straightest line we can devise and it will start to look bumpy.

The other side of this that what we call "artificial" is actually "natural" ... after all, humans are part of the biosphere and our outputs (including plastics) are as much part of nature as anything else. "Natural" does not = "good", nor does it = "good for other species or the environment". It just means "not made by people".

Thank you. Jains are one thing, Buddhists are another and I'm neither ;)

Haha, I remember my English teacher demonstrating something similar to me about "straight lines", how it it was impossible to write on one. I'll have to differ on our outputs being "natural" though, think cloned beef and other weird stuff they're doing in labs now.

I think natural would just mean a lack of an outside interference in something. Or in the modern world, where humans outnumber bears by 7 billion to 1000000, lions by 7 billion to 500000 and tigers by 7 billion to 5000, the absence of HUMAN intervention.

My parents bought my brothers and me a lot of comic books about God(s) when I was young -- Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Moses -- so I grew up a self-styled polytheist. They all seemed like wonderful and powerful beings.

I'm not welcome in most organised places of worship though, because I like to filter out all the crazy stuff. You know, like all this stuff like beheading people, racism on either side of the colour spectrum, oppressing women and homosexuals, genital mutilation, debauching children and getting away with it. For deviating from that straight and narrow, I'm a radical. And it suits me fine. God is great, even as a concept or figment of my imagination, just keep the hypocrites at arm's length. I want more of that kind of positive thought in my life - God, human rights, liberty, equality. Bring it on!

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

This thread is making me feel like the time I was driving an old Volvo on the autobahn in Germany,doing about 85/90 mph when 2 BMW motorbikes whizzed by me and became 2 little dots on the horizon in 5 seconds flat.

I've completey lost you guys, but hey this is the funnest thread on the forum in a long time.

If musicians dont philosophize, who will. Just because we're drummers does'nt mean all that we are 'allowed' to talk about is1ply heads and Demon Drives.

Grea, Mangle,Polack, and the rest of you... I dont know what the *** y'all are talking about but I love it.

Hehe, aydee, The best thing about these kinds of discussions is that everyone is there's no right or wrong point of view, it can be interpreted differently by different people. Glad you're amused ;)

The Drummerworld "Oprah Winfrey" Show :P
"... As war machine, crushes their balls, God have mercy..."
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