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definately not overrated, he always played what zepplin songs needed, not using a band as a platform to show off. he changed the drumset for sure. people wanted bigger,double kit sets,gongs you name it after seeing him.

i think his influence is like hendrix, its so sublime that some people dont notice it. when you walk into the guitar center drumroom and hear someone play splits<tom,tom,bass,bass. real fast> or do a simple but loud triplet roll around the toms its like, you know bodham didnt invents these things but just stamped them into every drummers unconsious. thats the way i feel.

his playing was the impetus for metal drumming. his emphisis for a louder, more aggressive style and playing basic but incredibly solid beats and fills<for the most part, there are however moments where he rips during song> can be heard in lombardo and ulrich and alot of early thrash drummers and still carrys on to the more extreme drummers
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